Traditional Photography Portfolio by Robert M. Teague 

Oregon Moonrise, Oregon

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Murray River, Echuca, Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Lake Powell, Arizona

Northern California

Mono Lake State Park, California

  Artist's Statement:
Photography has a way of helping to connect us with nature, be they photos of a pristine landscape or the photos of a friend or loved one’s smile. It is important that we remember that the photos we make shouldn’t be kept locked away in a box, only brought out occasionally to remind us of where we have been or what might have been, but should be shown as a means of inspiring, comforting or spreading joy that exists in our natural world with others. Let's resolve to share the beauty of our natural world with all those around us, through our photographs.
  Technical Information:
The majority of my work is done with a Toyo 45AII field camera, using primarily Schneider lenses, on Fuji Velvia film. However, some work is done on a Nikon F5 35mm camera.
  Contact Details:
Robert M. Teague
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Vision Landscapes


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