Traditional Photography Portfolio by Shawn Dougherty 

Pond Scum #71

Pond Scum #69

Pond Scum #72

Pond Scum #10

Pond Scum #14

Pond Scum #86

Pond Scum #25

Pond Scum #46

  Artist's Statement:
"Through photography, I endeavor to discover, organize and extract visual details from the world which excite me and present them to others, in tangible form, for their consideration and our mutual gratification."
  Technical Information:
Project Pond Scum: Photographs in this Portfolio are 4x5 inches and contact printed on Kentmere Kentona paper, developed in an Amidol or Ansco 130 solutions and selenium toned. 15 prints were chosen for the final series and are slated for release as a portfolio later this year.
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