Traditional Photography Portfolio by Mike Cable 


Still Life No.44



Flowers No.2

Crabbing Shanty



  Artist's Statement:
I am an professional photographer living on the Eastern Shore of Marylamd. My work has appeared in major magazines, books, hotels, won major awards, appeared in an Canon EOS Brochure and I am represented by Agora Gallery in NYC. I am now concentrating on Abstracts and rarely shoot landscapes anymore. I give God the Glory and Honor for this gift and all my success.
  Technical Information:
I am using 4x5 cameras and digital as well. All images in my portfolio were taken with 35mm and 4x5 cameras. I used an combi tank for development and D-76 for developer. Scanning is done with an Epson 4990. Film is Arista 100 and Kodak TMax 100.
  Contact Details:
I may be reached via or through my website at


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