Traditional Photography Portfolio by Ian Grant 


Rail remains

Rail remains 2



Wheel Shed

Bewdley Station

Hampton Loade

  Artist's Statement:
My photographic practice has comfortably straddled the boundaries of digital and analog for over 12 or 15 years. I see the two as just different formats, and appreciate the benefits of both digital and film. However choice is very personal and while I need from necessity to use digital for my commercial work I am totally committed to analog (film) and a wet dark room for my own personal work. This has seen my re-equipping and a shift to shooting landscapes with a wonderful 10"x8" Agfa-Ansco, and upgrading my darkroom in 2005 to print up to 10"x8" negatives, B&W and Colour. I am a qualified Industrial Archaeologist, and also have an MA in Photography. The images came first the qualifications after :-)
  Technical Information:
All images are shot on conventional B&W film, and printed on Fibre Based papers, archivally processed & selenium toned. Formats include 10x8, 5x4, 6x17, 6x6 & on occasions 645
  Contact Details:
Lost Labours
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 40 print(s) listed.


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