Traditional Photography Portfolio by Philip Ringler 

  Artist's Statement:
(((((((((((Mortificatio: Into The Black Sun)))))))))))) This series offers viewers an opportunity to descend into the darkest, deepest parts of themselves in order to excavate and heal buried emotions and memories. Photographs as visual metaphors, both ambiguous and heavily symbolic, function as portals into realms of human suffering and redemption. Mortificatio or the blackening operation of psychological alchemy is the most crucial and difficult stage of transformation where one may encounter unresolved issues, latent fears, traumas, sickness, depression and mourning. The Black Sun is an alchemical symbol or archetype for the light that emanates from the darkness itself, the light of wisdom from courageous personal investigation. My work allows a passageway or doorway into the Black Sun. I embrace the concept that the more personal my artwork is, the more universal it ultimately becomes. I photograph things and places that have profound psychological effects on me, dark energies that summon my inner demons. Places like amusement parks, cemeteries, natural disaster sights, hospitals, playgrounds, caverns, tunnels, etc., have a strong magnetic pull on me and evoke childhood issues. For example, an intense attraction to the city of New Orleans, both pre and post-Katrina led me into a nightmarish, metaphor laden landscape, which mirrored both personal and cultural sufferings. By photographing the oppressive stagnation and decay, not running from it or ignoring it, I was able to compassionately transmute leaden emotions into an active, creative expression of microcosm and macrocosm, the personal and the human condition. I believe that global transformation and healing begins with personal introspection. From my perspective, much of the world is in a state of corruption and psycho-spiritual stasis, especially in western societies where institutionalized superficiality overshadows personal growth; where political agendas value commerce over compassion, wealth over wellbeing. I believe that people are being over-prescribed and emotionally undernourished, a combination that leads to unnecessary suffering and ultimately to an oppressive cultural climate.
  Technical Information:
I print with 35 mm negatives projected onto a wall with an enlarger. I use Mural rolls of fiber-based paper and print approximately 40"x60".. I often chemically stain or selenium tone the prints for unusual effects and ultimately will mount the photos to masonite or aluminum.
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