Traditional Photography Portfolio by Pete Millson 




Great Russell Street

East London

E approaching

Covent Garden


  Artist's Statement:
Photographs. I remember now. What a privilege it is for us to see things. The art of photography is no different to any other. What's important is to look. It's enough to go about your day and give what passes in front of you your full attention. To make a permanent record of it, perhaps use a camera. Or a pencil. Looking is the thing. 2007 has been the year that the penny dropped for me.
  Technical Information:
These photographs were all made with a Leica M6, either a 35mm or 50mm lens and either Tri-X or HP5. Film developer is Xtol and prints on Ilford Multigrade (big fan of split-grade printing!). A lot of these you see here are scanned from the negative however.
  Contact Details:
I'm in the UK.
07768 077353


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