Traditional Photography Portfolio by Bob Mosher 

N. Dearborn Street

Michigan & Wacker Streets

Old Navy Pier

McCormick Place

Wabash Street

State Street

N. Clark Street

Civic Center

  Artist's Statement:
The work I am submitting for review is from a mid-seventies group of photographs, (Chicago Street Portraits). Why now, after all these years? The work has not been viewed by an audience of any significant size and the time is now. My goal is to publish this work in a limited edition book and to have the work shown in galleries and museums across the country. My impetus for doing the ‘portraits’ in the first place was quite by accident. I set out after my masters degree in photography from the Institute of Design in 1972 and felt I did not finish the street photographs in my published thesis work. So, I started to walk the Chicago loop and waterfront and make photographs on a daily basis. As I walked and photographed, I found Chicago’s busy streets fascinating and mesmerizing and soon was making close up pictures of couples, friends together and interesting people of all types. The entire Chicago Street Portraits series numbers over 60 individual photographs. I recently printed the complete edition on silver gelatin fiber based materials.
  Technical Information:
Leica M2 and M4 cameras w/28mm and 35mm lenses. Used the 'old' TriX and souped in HC-110 The modern prints are Seagull and Kentmere fiber based developed in Amidol.
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