Traditional Photography Portfolio by Keith Ostertag 

  Artist's Statement:
This is a group of photos that comprised my MFA portfolio. All the photos here were taken in the mid-80's in the Louisville, KY area. As Jane Cave said to me "they give me a sense of not only the different interiors that we construct for ourselves but also the similarity of the boxes in which we live--so close and yet so separated from each other. " These scenes were setup, then I asked the participants to touch each other. Some of the people are relatives, some were friends-of-friends, some were people I met in college.
  Technical Information:
All the images here were shot on 4x5 TRI-X. The lighting was a combination of strobes and ambient light. I used one or two soft boxes, in a few cases bounced the bare head off the ceiling. Some of the exposures lasted 1-3 minutes. The images in this portfolio were reproduced by taking "picture" of the negatives with a digital camera, thus the low quality of the reproduction.
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