Traditional Photography Portfolio by Dennis Sulz 

Granville Street Art Show

Test camera

Lions Gate Bridge

warm tone

Coffee dev. w/warm tone paper

Spring 2009

Rescan FILM

  Artist's Statement:
photography enables me to stop time. Not very long but it is stopped..........
  Technical Information:
I started volunteering @ at Coast Resource Center @ 1225 Seymour St @ Davie that has a darkroom. I have kept it open for about 8 yrs. With budget cuts the first to go are the ones that don't turn alot of extra profit. And a we ALL know photos are not cheap. I have been invited to do 4 shows per year @ different locations. My favorite is the Cultaral Crawl. It is in Vancouver B. C. in places all through the downtown area. There are approx 300 artists displaying work so it is a great event. Check out my website @ where I post my up coming shows and sales.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 6 print(s) listed.


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