Traditional Photography Portfolio by G Alan Myers 

Rhyolite #2

Union Pacific

Pigeon Point #1

16th Street Mall, Denver

Pigeon Point #3

Vacant Chair

Firefly in a Jar

Chinese Lilly

  Artist's Statement:
Alan is a self-taught photographer living in Santa Fe, NM. He received a BA in Economics from UNM and a MBA from The Anderson School of Management. The photographic style Alan has developed is based on how he sees life, “Everything in my view cannot be sharp and in focus. I concentrate on one aspect; one point of interest and all else is blurred. This is not to say that the aspects out-of-focus are not important; they support and enhance the image. What is in focus is the crux.”
  Technical Information:
I shoot 35mm, 120 & 4"x5" b/w film: Kodak TriX 400/320 & Polaroid Type 54 & 55. I have a local lab process my negatives & then scan them for presentation online. I also work with a local printer for silver gelatin prints or use my local lab for LightJet prints.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 25 print(s) listed.


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