Traditional Photography Portfolio by Gustavo Castilla 

Ivy Chrysotype Rex

Michell POP

Juniper Eastern Sierra Kallitype

POP Jules

Agave Ziatype

Paramount Ranch Mailbu

Aspens Kallitype

Jars Chrysotype

  Artist's Statement:
I see photography as an open-ended world where styles and conventions can be explored. Hence I don’t see myself as a portrait or landscape photographer, but rather a photographer that explores his medium and tries to express himself through it. I began creating photographs when I was ten years old and have had a passion for photography ever since. I am self-taught and learned more about my craft by attending workshops. While I have worked in various areas of photography, including family portraiture, editorial, social, and event photography, I always have taken a particular interest in environmental portraiture, figure, still-life and abstracts. Over the years I have displayed my work in various local venues. I seek to represent my feelings and emotions using photography as the medium. My intention is to share whatever that vision may be! I look at subjects with an eye toward beauty, and I see the world as a place of possibilities, beauty, and enchantment, rather than matter-of-fact and sad. I find that historical (sometimes called “alternative”) processes lend themselves to my vision of the world. In addition, I prefer to work with large format cameras, including my Deardorff V8, a Burke and James 5X7, and late 19th century lenses, due to the (authentic)? qualities these tools bring to the work. When doing environmental portraits my goal is to create not a facsimile but rather a vivid representation of the sitter, going beyond a simple, accurate representation that lacks life or meaning. In my abstracts, still-lives, and landscapes I try to find my own unique personal and intimate vision or angel that complements the process and me.
  Technical Information:
Large format and historical processes ( 1800 Chemistry) most of my work is printed on alternative processes on to cotton rag paper such as Somerset and Arches plantine this are contact prints . My cameras Include a Deardoff V8 and a Burke and James 5X7 some times I will use a medium format camera and enlarge the transparencies I make on it to make negatives or make Cibachrome prints of the transparencies.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 20 print(s) listed.


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