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  Artist's Statement:
Philippe is a self-taught photographer. Philippe works with both a 5x7" and a 8x10" cameras. He started using large formats cameras for personal work about 10 years ago giving up all photographic commissioned work. He was taught the techniques through Fred Picker Newsletters and Ansel Adams books. He began Palladium prints with the Palladio paper when it was still available. Most of his alternative prints are on Arches Platine paper. "The most important thing for me is light and adequation between poetry and feeling of the print. Platinum and palladium contact print is the way I can perform the score and bring negative to life using different paper, different solution to get the right color and the right contrast, so the right feeling. A photographic image is not only a way to show someting to the viewer, it's also a craft where paper is so important and the way the metal particules are embedded in it. The print gives the whole range of greys and a velvet black so close to the photogravure. I don't know a better way to make light look alive and black so sensual."
  Technical Information:
Most of my work is palladium/platinum contact print on Arches Platine
  Contact Details:
Philippe Ayral
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 7 print(s) listed.


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