Traditional Photography Portfolio by Jeffrey Glasser 

Four Masks - Venice, Italy

Pyramid - Louvre, Paris

Antique Mirror - Halifax, N. S.

Barn - Germany


Steps - Munich Opera

White Horse - England

Spanish Monestary - Miami, Florida

  Artist's Statement:
I have been photographing for many years. My medium is film that I print in silver-gelatin on fiber paper, with hand-coated platinum/palladium/gold emulsion and also digitally print with pigment ink on cotton rag paper. I have also made hand crafted books. I don't limit myself to a particular subject and find photography to be an adventure and not limited to a particular subject although if one interests me I will "run" with it. Strong forms and textures are of interest to me. Although these first five images are of similar genre I will be gradually adding completely different material to this portfolio as I scann and size the negative files.
  Technical Information:
Cameras: Hasselblad 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 and Toyo 4 x 5 field camera. various lenses Film: Ilford Delta Pro 400 and Ilford HP5 developers: Ilford ID11 and PMK Pyro Paper: Ilford fiber based multigrade --Aristo VCL4500 lamp Pt/Pd/Au supplies from Bostick and Sullivan
  Contact Details:
phone: 1 305 284-9905 (USA Eastern)
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 38 print(s) listed.


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