Traditional Photography Portfolio by Ted Preuss 

Forget-Me-Not #1


Le Nu

Desert Oasis #9


Desert Oasis #1

Nude #3


  Artist's Statement:
Art and photography have always played a large part in my life. Through my lens I seek to capture the elegance and grace of the female spirit, yet secretly wishing to leave traces of their identity forever. My images are studies in light and form, which blend formal and sensual qualities, radiating the individuality of my subjects through their emotion-laced gestures.
  Technical Information:
I use traditional techniques, including a large format view camera with century old lenses. The process of making prints is as important to me as the practice of creating photographs. I chose platinum-palladium as a medium for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties, they beautifully revealing shadows and dark values within the images.
  Contact Details:
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