Traditional Photography Portfolio by Michel Demanche 

memento mori year 3 day 10

memento mori year 6 day 14

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memento mori year 4 day 346

memento mori year 4 day 346b

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  Artist's Statement:
Statement: Over 30 years ago, I began to work with the medium of photography as my main means of expression. I had studied painting and found that just working with the limitations of pigment did not satisfy my need to tell stories. Through my investigations in photography and printing a world of mystery and chemical transformation was opened and ever since that time, I transform narrative into light and light into metal. Most recently, (over the past 9 years) I have photographed the effects of my rapidly changing environment on the indigenous creatures. I have seen a basically rural area change to suburban very quickly and the road system is my grid to document the changes that create an unnatural habitat. In addition I have developed a continuing interest with the tradition of Memento Mori and its relation to photography. I never wander from the grid, much as the ecologist, who must catalogue all species occurring within a constructed grid within any ecosystem. What I do is show is a vision of transformation a “memento mori” through the animals, people and abandoned spaces. Some of the works may seem confrontational, but I see them as transformational evidence, of human cause and effect. I capture a landscape often outside our narrow field of vision.
  Technical Information:
The majority of my images are shot on tri-x film, iso 320. My favorite camera is a Wista type wooden 4X5 field camera with a 210 Schneider lens. I also work with a Hasselblad 500 C and a Yashica G. Some of my most recent work is done with my Holga. The images are printed on illford multigrade warmtone paper with a medium selinium tone.
  Contact Details:
Michel Demanche


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