Traditional Photography Portfolio by Paul Tait 

  Artist's Statement:
my photography is based around a budget, i use era and foma film which is v cheap, but nice, home made cameras, v old lenses, 83 yr heliar, dopple ansatigmat,aldis etc. i only contact print.full frame with minor dodge burn for balance and picture shape. my photography is usually a little strange like me,ideally i would like to represent our uncivilized society, our greed and waste, unsustainable activities in a photograph but i fear im still to angry to achieve this at present + my finances are a real shocker i am a traveller / running from debts ,havent stopped moving for quite some time, allthough most of my photography has taken place in many different countries , it can although be hard to see this in the pictures , spent years in new zealand, amsterdam england ,usa,australia. i have uploaded copies of my pictures exactly as they appear in real life including the placement on the paper , all 5x4 is on 6x9inch and 10x8 on 12x16 paper. no scanner so there pretty shoddy copies apologies..
  Technical Information:
4x5 + 10x8 inch cameras, fiber contact prints ,also salt and albumen + lith. i want to get into gum but potasium dichromate is hard to find here in england 10x8 is a homemade camera using a reversed componon 210mm 5x4 is calumet view and crown old lenses usually with scratches and coating issues, just the way i like them.
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