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  Artist's Statement:
Some people decide that they are special because they can do photography. Others inevitability think of themselves as a camera and resume themselves as flesh apart from earth and humanity. For some unknown reason I am attached to photography and have been granted with the ability to overlook things and snap them on. What do I do ? I merely click the freaking damn button!!
  Technical Information:
I have been using a Canon EOS 3000V ever since I actually started photographing. That would be something around three years ago. I have been photographing black and white ever since. I am not grumpy about color photo, I just understand black and white better. For that purpose I have been using several BW Films, but in the end its resumed mainly to 400TX forced to 800ISO and sometimes HP5+ (forced as well) and 3200D. Ah, I also press the button to take the picture!!
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