Traditional Photography Portfolio by Perry Way 

Color Pinhole - North Shore Big Bear Lake

Fun With Tungsten - Pinhole

Storm Front - Pinhole

The Mountains And The Purple Majesty

Bromoil Print - Avila Beach Promenade

Bromoil Print - Turn of the century horse drawn plow, Traver Ranch

Bromoil Print - Underneath Avila Beach Pier

Frozen Early Morning - Pinhole

  Artist's Statement:
I am but a sliver of the whole in an endless pursuit of beauty. Analog photography is the kind of magic that appeals to me because it requires both prayer and meditation to achieve greatness.
  Technical Information:
I shoot primarily large format and medium format, both lensed and lensless. I've got quite an array of cameras but I tend to gravitate towards my Zero Image 4x5, my Cambo, my Mamiya RB67 Pro, and a few homemade pinhole cameras. My prints are mostly silver gelatins and bromoils.
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