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  Artist's Statement:
Niets is erger dan de weg te kennen in een huis dat is afgebroken ... (Nothing is worse than to know the way in a house that has been demolished ...)
  Technical Information:
Pinhole and analog photography. For my pinholepictures I use different cameras: Zero 75D Deluxe 4x5", Eightbanners "Ma" 6x6, Holga 612WPC and several pinholecaps on my Canon T90, Mamiya 23 (6x9) and Crown- and SpeedGraphic (4x5"). I also like to work with old 6x9 cameras like my Kodak Brownie 2a and Agfa Clack. My latest beauty is a Kodak Aero Ektar lens f/2.5 - 178 mm on my Crown- and Speed Graphic 4x5". My new "camera" is an 8x10" pinholecamera, which I am now modifying by adding a sunshade and filterholder, a Cambo 8x10" to 4x5" reducing backplate with 4x5" groundglass and a 6x7cm Horseman rollfilm-adapter. I am also planning to add an Omega 3 Lens Turret for a D5-XL Enlarger (EBay) at the inside of the pinholecamera. This will give me the opportunity to easily change 3 different pinholesizes like a 0.40mm, 0.60mm and 0.80mm pinhole.
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