Traditional Photography Portfolio by Varya Vontaggen 

Set 1 Scene 1 - Man Enters an Alley

Set 1 Scene 2 - Scoping Out the Territory

Set 1 Scene 3 - Hesitate and You're Through

Set 1 Scene 4 - Set Up

Set 1 Scene 5 - Confrontation

Set 1 Scene 6 - 2:45 a.m.

Set 1 Scene 7 - Tricked

Set 1 Scene 8 - Untitled #8

  Artist's Statement:
"Men are the ostensible heroes of most films noir. They are conventionally the protagonists, but there is seldom anything 'heroic' about them... The noir protagonist is alienated from a combustible, hostile world, driven by obsessions transcending morality and causality... The obsessive noir protagonist is drawn into a destiny he cannot escape; he is impelled toward his fate by exterior forces beyond his power and interior forces beyond his control." - Jeremy Butler....... Photographing my toys and trying to convey emotion through the use of light, shadow, grit and grain. A crime has been committed.
  Technical Information:
OM2n w/ auto bellows. Zuiko 80mm f4 Macro/50mm f3.5 Macro. 3 microscope lamps and 1 fiber optic for lighting. D3200 rated 1000 dev. 6400. DDX - Galerie #3. Sci-Fi Series uses OM2 Zuiko 80mm f4 macro w/bellows; f/16, 1/4th; HP5+ rated 800 - Rodinal 1:100, stand 1 Hr; Slavich Unibrom 160, g2
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