Traditional Photography Portfolio by Amir Barzi 

  Artist's Statement:
My first camera was a late 1970's Polaroid. It was a B-Day gift to my older brother, however, I claimed it. It's one of my first memories as a kid, I still have that first picture I took with it at age 6. Since then I have continued in one capacity or another ever since. I started shooting mostly colour negatives then gave into to digital race and now I made the full circle and back to film. I find my self burning more and more B&W film with medium format bodies and manual focus lenses. I develop at home and my film choices are Acros, Trix, Portra, and Provia. Infrared work I like Rollei IR400. Rodinal, DDX and HC110 for B&W developers. Fuji Hunt for C-41 and Kodak E6 for colour slide film development.
  Technical Information:
Gear: Hasselblad 6x6, Fuji 6x9, and Nikon 35mm. Beseler with Schneider lenses. Films: ACROS, TRIX, AGFA, PORTRA, and PROVIA Developers: Rodinal, HC110, DDX, FUJI and Kodak Paper: Ilford, Foma, and Kentmere
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