Traditional Photography Portfolio by Jimi Axelsson 



After the rain

Tree and leaf



Racing days

Clouds at sea

  Artist's Statement:
My work is in essence a search. Every image made is a moment that transcends the everyday existence, although it may show something as mundane as a cup or a common flower. I am striving to convey a sense of beauty and mystery that makes the viewer see things anew. The photos shown here, has through the printing process, emerged as from within a dream.
  Technical Information:
I use a small format camera most of the time but I've also been known to use medium and large format. All my photographs are made by hand using the lith print process: a procedure that enhances tone, grain and texture. Each of these prints are unique - there are no editions. The photographs are scanned from the prints and are approximations of the beautiful prints themselves.
  Contact Details:
jimi.axelsson (at)
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 15 print(s) listed.


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