Traditional Photography Portfolio by Wally Hampton 

  Artist's Statement:
My first recollection of photography dates from the late 1950’s, when my father had some sort of peculiar room in the house. The odd smell of the chemicals, brown bottles and a vague remembrance of a cluttered backroom are the only memories now. The next recollections of photography come from a few surviving photos I took in the early 1960s. Those photographs are of friends, family, and things important to me at the moment. In the early 1970s my stepfather loaned me an Argus C3 for an extended period of time. From that time on, photography has been a habitual and essential part of my life. My intention in those years was not so much to make predetermined photographs. I photographed the happenstance of what was going on around me in the normal course of events. My normal activities did not revolve around making photographs, but I would generally include photography as part of what I was doing, carrying a camera with me most of the time. As a result, most of my photography during those first years was landscape and street work. A large part of my current portfolios is too. It must have been during the 1980s that photography became an even a more acute part of my life. I started taking classes, studying on my own, selling a few photos and generally paying more attention to both the art and craft of photography. Lunch hours became one-hour street photography sessions, weekends and vacations became photographic expeditions, and the more I learned the more I didn’t know. In the late 1980s due to life’s events, my photography interest was able to consume my prior career. My artistic approach to photography, while more refined than in my earlier years, is still generally quit simple and similar. I think most of my photography is still a visual journal of my explorations and interests. The majority of my photography is ‘found’ images, a response to what was happening and what I saw. This type of work is probably the most common form of photography. There are some of my portfolios where a lot of forethought was involved and resulting images very much preconceived. This idea of a preconceived work is a pretty classical approach to producing artwork and probably the most common in most forms of two-dimensional art other than photography. The techniques I use depend upon my response to a subject and the photography technique I think will interpret that response. This leads to a varied usage of photographic techniques. From traditional black and white, to hand colored black and white, to altered Polaroid SX70s, to digital photography, all of these and more are part of my technical approach to the craft side of photography.
  Technical Information:
All of the original images in this portfolio are traditional B&W images with the exception of the Altered Polaroid SX70's, which were altered mechanically, not digitally. The images here were made from the original prints, using a simple point-and-shoot camera. In making the original images, various cameras were used; 4x5, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 35mm and a Polaroid SX70. I use traditional B&W films and fiber based papers, processing both in my own dark room. Most chemicals are from Photographer’s Formulary. For archival processing I generally use a two-step sepia toner, toning just slightly, leaving a slight warmth to just the highlights.
  Contact Details:
Wally Hampton
Hampton Studios
PO Box 550
Poulsbo, WA 98370 USA


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