Traditional Photography Portfolio by Yan Boechat 

  Artist's Statement:
Destroyed by a civil war that lasted for nearly 30 years, Angola is growing in a speed never seen before in Africa. With 18 bilions of oil barrels in its shore and one of the biggest diamond reserves in the world, the dollars are flowing in faster than in any place in the world. The anual GDP growth rate in the last 3 years was close to 20%. But, as it happens in most of the new rich countries, the money is staying with few people, most of them linked to the goverment. The poverty is everywhere in this country that is the biggest oil producer in Africa. Nearly 80% of its population canīt read or write, few live with more that a dollar a day. The pictures of this essay tries to show a little bit of the people who lives in Angola today. They were taken in business trip to Angola in last december in the middle of meetings and boring dinners. Hope you enjoy them and sorry for my broken english.
  Technical Information:
The pictures were taken with two cameras: a Contax 139q and a Pentax 67. Almost all of them were shot with Ilford films, ISO 50. Some with Agfa 400 and Fuji Neopan 100. All of them were developed with Kodak D-76. The pictures you see here are scans from the negatives
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