Traditional Photography Portfolio by Holly Gettings 


Ford V8


Have a Seat

High Noon, Okay Corral

Nice Tail Fins

Wigwam Motel 1

Wigwam Motel 2

  Artist's Statement:
These images were made while traveling Old Rt. 66 from Holbrook AZ to LA in March 2010. The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook was built in the 1940's by Chester E. Lewis, and is still operated by his decendants, who keep a magnificent collection of antique American cars on the site. It was a productive morning!
  Technical Information:
Fuji Acros 100, shot with a Bronica SQ and 50 mm Bronica Zenza lens. T-Max Developer 1:4, 5 min @ 68 deg.
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