Traditional Photography Portfolio by Dave Willmarth 

Reflections in Dry Lake Bed Pool

Closed Dock


Dry Lake Bed, Montevallo, Alabama

Old Barn, Montevallo

1954 Pontiac Chieftain


Red Can

  Artist's Statement:
I like to photograph things that interest me, usually in some state of impermanance. The photograph captures an instant. Some times, things might only exist in that instant. Several old buildings or old cars I have photographed just aren't there anymore. People come into our lives, leave, or pass away. Flowers and plants even shorter spans of time. But maybe, for me, or for you, dear viewer, a memory of it remains...
  Technical Information:
Most of my work comes from 35mm, shot through a couple Pentax K1000 workhorses I have. I have also had a Hassleblad 503CW for some time. Recently, through the miracles of eBay, I have acquired two different 4x5 that I've started using that really helps me slow down and look. I typically use Ilford Delta 400 or HP5, but have also used Tmax with some of my older work.
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