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Shore acres #1

Redwood Trunk

Bath, Hackley House

Iron, Hackley House

Room with Chair,Hackley House

Bedroom, Hackley House

  Artist's Statement:
Matthew Blais received his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Illinois State University concentrating on printmaking (lithography/intaglio) and drawing. With guidance and instruction from such celebrated artists as James D. Butler, Harold Boyd, Rod Carswell, Harold Gregor, Ray George and Master Printer/Artist, Richard Finch, Matthew became an accomplished printmaker. Working along side numerous world-renowned artists who contracted with Illinois State’s Normal Editions Workshop ( Matthew was afforded an invaluable and unique artistic working environment, which still influences his work today. Matthew’s passion as a fine art photographer emerged while studying at ISU. By dedicating many hours behind the camera, his technical skills and understanding of photography gradually evolved. A turning point came in 2001 when Matthew migrated to large format film cameras and soon became involved in a series of workshops hosted by internationally renowned photographer, Per Volquartz ( Making images and learning along side other large format photographers has encouraged Matthew to continue further along this path and refine his work into the type of images that he makes today. Currently, most of his images are captured on 4”x5” and 8”x10” sheet film using large format cameras. He uses these large film formats to obtain maximum resolution and sharpness from each subject matter. Matthew enjoys the art of crafting an image by hand. As such, all of his fine art work is recorded on film, printed by traditional darkroom methods and processed to the highest archival standards. Recently, Matthew began exploring hand-coated alternative processes, such as Platinum/Palladium, Van Dyke Brown and Cyanotype. All are done with original in-camera negatives as contact prints (negative placed in contact with the printing paper and exposed with an ultra-violet light source). He is also undertaking the art of Bromoil printmaking, where a silver print is bleached - then “brought back” with lithographic inks. Matthew's background as a traditional printmaker, artist, and graphic designer enables him to look at photography in a unique manner. Matthew Blais currently resides in Riverside, California.
  Technical Information:
All imagery is created using film processed in my darkroom and printed using a variety of methods and materials, processed to current known archival procedures. Cameras used are large format cameras (4x5, 8x10) and medium format (6x4.5, 6x6).
  Contact Details:
ph: 951-204-1451
Riverside, CA
Matthew Blais Photography


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