Traditional Photography Portfolio by Giles Clement 

One Fine Day

When the Barn Gods get Pissed

Ms. Augustine

Girl in Boots

Amanda & B17

Ode to the Umbrella

The Aviator

The Fire Sermon

  Artist's Statement:
I worked as a professional photographer for about 10 years. Sometime along the way I lost my enthusiasm for shooting stories I really wasn't interested in. I bounced around shooting some corporate, taking a full time gig as an aerial photographer and dabbled in stock images. After some soul searching I decided that what I really wanted to photograph was my friends, family and random art which never had a chance in hell of making money. I'm still shooting and it's now with a grin instead of a grimace.
  Technical Information:
I shoot a very wide variety of cameras, many only for a week before they get shipped out to their new owner. My favorites are my M2 with a 35mm lens and a Busch Pressman which is my testbed for any and all 4x5 lenses I get.
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