Traditional Photography Portfolio by Mark Savoia 

Brotherly Love, Fidelity, Justice And Charity

Caution, noituaC

Exit Left, No Waiting

Fried Doe Just A Buck

Front End, Front Door

Levitas Cow


Particle House

  Artist's Statement:
I have been working on a portfolio of photographs of found curiosities during my travels throughout New England for the past five years. The goal of this new body of work is to evoke not only humor, but the irony visible in encounters with everyday situations. I have a tongue-in-cheek view of Americana and I am constantly looking for evidence that below the surface something is not quite right in this country. It is what visually perplexes me that draws my eye, and then becomes a compelling photograph. Through the camera's selective view, I juxtapose what is considered progress in our throwaway society against an increasing lack of taste. I am not attempting two-dimensional slapstick, rather satire laced with a few Freudian slips. Some people might consider it ingenious using the front end of a Chevrolet Camaro as a door awning. I attempt to make no judgment when I come across scenes like this. I am here to document evidence and if the viewer finds something as humorous as I do, then I have succeeded.
  Technical Information:
Black and White Digital Carbon Prints
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Mark Savoia
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