Traditional Photography Portfolio by Bert Mellaart 

Forge, inside

Window forge, outside


Railway in the Antwerp


Sand, lith

Old car

Watertanks, lith

  Artist's Statement:
Bert is active in photography for more than 30 years and he likes to work in large format, he enjoys processing and printing in black and white. He lives near Rotterdam in Holland. Many pictures are taken in industrial area in the Antwerp in Belgium, trying to catch the atmosphere and light in- and outside old factory buildings using natural light.
  Technical Information:
My B&W photos are mostly taken with a Cambo 4x5 Camera, equipped with Rodenstock or Schneider lenses 90-300 mm. I use FP4 negatives + Kodak HC 110 developer. In stock I have older prints from 6x6 and 35 mm negatives that I like to show here too. I develop my own film and print my own work.
  Contact Details:
Bert Mellaart
the Netherlands


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