Traditional Photography Portfolio by Thomas Bertilsson - Monolight 

Sturgeon Bay 1

Sturgeon Bay 2

Sturgeon Bay 3

Sturgeon Bay 4

By The Water 1

By The Water 2

By The Water 3

By The Water 4

  Artist's Statement:
I am inspired by nature, people, and how they make me feel. My photography is all about conveying what I felt when I held the camera to make the exposure. The mood is very important to me, more so than any other aspect.
  Technical Information:
Standard Sizes: 8x8" square or 6x8" rectangular. This is what the gallery is priced at. Larger Sizes: 12x12" square or 9x12" rectangular. I prefer not to print larger, as it's in this size I see my images, how I envision them, but if you want them larger, it can be arranged. Extra cost for bigger size. Some of the prints are lith prints which cannot be re-created with accuracy due to limitations of control in the process and availability of materials. Other images are standard silver gelatin prints, and those are more reproducible. All prints are sold as loose prints. Mounting and over-mating available upon request. There are no editions, but all prints are numbered. All prints are archivally processed and handled, of course.
  Contact Details:
Thomas Bertilsson
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 10 print(s) listed.


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