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  Artist's Statement:
It has been said that an artist strives to create a work that is, in itself, a living entity. It is that desire that constantly pushes a photographer to stretch their known limits of creativity and knowledge with each new work... Your eyes see light radiation reflecting from a surface. Essentially if you are looking at a chair, you see a reflection from the chair. Since it does not emit any radiation of its own, you cannot see a chair without a light source. So light is the key to photography. The memories of what your mind has seen are usually embellishments to accommodate what was most notable from what your eyes have seen. Black and white photography allows a tremendous amount of manipulation of light as a final image. From the moment the type of film is selected, to the point the final print is dried, there is opportunity to mold a reflection of light into an image seen in the mindís eye. I feel the choice to work through the issues of these challenges in our heads, more deeply involves the photographer in the photograph. I believe the choice to print one's own photographs makes the photographer more keenly aware of the effects of their decisions. Please see the "Print Sales" link towards the bottom of this page to view photographs available for sale.
  Technical Information:
Cameras and lenses by Arri, Bolex, Canon, Mamiya, Nikor, Sekor. Film by Delta, Fuji and Kodak. Papers from Bergger, Ilford, and the artist. Optical printer by Charles Beseler. Images on this site are scans of 8X10's. As all work is done in the darkroom, no two prints are exactly alike.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 3 print(s) listed.


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