Traditional Photography Portfolio by David L McMahon 

Canyon del Muerto

Junction Ruin

Mummy Cave

Long house

ruin w/dark ceiling

Antelope Pictographs

Yei Bi Chei

Flame house

  Artist's Statement:
I have always loved B&W and after spending 20+ years in the commercial field I have moved into the fine art side of photography. I specialize in landscape work and details within the landscape. I have been intrigued by the desert southwest for 5-6 years now & I try to photograph there at least once or twice a year.
  Technical Information:
My preferred format is 4X5. I have always shot film which is tray processed in pyro. My prints are then made to archival specifications and mounted on museum quality rag board.
  Contact Details:
David L McMahon
Fine Art Photography
5705 Pleasant Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
tel. 612-339-9


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