Traditional Photography Portfolio by Stefano Germi 

  Artist's Statement:
I have been working in photography since I was teenager, my father was the first teacher. I began photographing in 35mm and 120mm for a long time. Mostly self-taught, I attended the Tuscany Photographic Workshop where I studied the zone system with Willie Osterman, James Megargee black and white print basic and advantage techniques. I began teaching black and white darkroom technique, in his own workshop in various photographic clubs. I started using a 4x5-inch view camera, using it for some years, when I attended an Andrea Modica’s workshop, where I was fascinated by 8x10-inch view camera. After the workshop, I considered buying a 8x10 camera, but I was a bit worried about it, I completely changed my idea when I visited a Edward Weston’s exhibition, where I discoverd a new photographic method. I decided to spend less time teaching at workshops, to dedicate myself to making photographs. I bought a 8x10 view camera photographing exclusively with it, committing himself to contact print. This new adventure allowed me to meet during a workshop “Vision and Technique” Michael A. Smith and his wife Paula Chamlee, a master of contact print, I showed them my works and they were astonished by “Graffiti”(Murales). Later I added an 8x20 view camera. My work have been showed in lots of exhibithion,in Italy and in other countries. Most recently I have been taking pictures of Graffiti to complete the project started two years ago, and I’ll start a new project on Italian Landscapes late this year.
  Technical Information:
I use a large format 8"x10" and 5"x7" and 8"x20" for all my work, I sometimes use panoramic format 4"x10" I shoot using only black and white film, developed in pyro developers. I print all my work myself using contact printing on Silver Chloride paper,developed in amidol.
  Contact Details:
For every information you could contact me by e-mail:
Stefano Germi


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