Traditional Photography Portfolio by David Tatnall 

Mount Emu Creek

Mount Raymond Falls

Burnt forest. Mount Saint Bernard

North plateau forest

Abandoned whaling boats. Antarctica

Tidal River

Andes. Peru

Abandoned boat. Tierra Del Fuego. Argentina

  Artist's Statement:
David Tatnall is renowned for his luminous images of the Australian landscape. His photographs have achieved iconic status as emblems of successful Australian nature conservation battles. He is an authority on large format photography, as well as low-tech (pinhole) photography, exhibiting in both formats. He most commonly uses a 4x5 field camera or large format lens-less pinhole cameras, hand-made from gleaned materials. He has refined his darkroom technique over 30 years of practice and is known for the high quality of his hand-produced prints. He has photographed landscapes in Australia, Nepal, India, Bolivia, Peru, Cambodia and Antarctica. His work is held in the National Gallery of Victoria, the State Library of Victoria, the Monash Gallery of Art, the Australian Embassy in Washington and many regional galleries and private collections throughout Australia. He has been awarded a Life Time Contribution Award by Parks Victoria, and an Honorary Life Membership of the Victorian National Parks Association for his lasting influence on nature conservation in Victoria through photography. He conducts regular workshops in both large format & pinhole photography.
  Technical Information:
The rectangular photographs have been made on a 4 x 5 field camera. The square photographs have been made on a 6 x 6 cm roll film camera. The film used is 125 ISO rated at 50 ISO and processed in either ABC Pryo or ID11. The photographs are made on Foma Classic paper developed in Dektol 1:3 and selenium toned.
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