Traditional Photography Portfolio by David Aimone 

Monhegan Sunset

Monhegan Meadow


Queen Anne's Lace

Black Eyed Susan


Snook Kill Falls


  Artist's Statement:
Three years ago, David took it upon himself to pursue his photography professionally. Using a Nikon digital SLR, he was able to use both old and new lenses that he collected. He has recently added a 4x5 film view camera to his arsenal. Aimone notes, “I'm interested in old and new approaches, equipment, and processes… In the end, however, you aim the camera, push the button, and see if you're rewarded. The outcome is always the reward.” Aimone’s subject matter is often a product of his everyday life and travels. He ventures out on foot or bike with the intention of discovering things that draw his attention. But when one studies his photographs, it becomes obvious that the subject matter is secondary to his innate understanding of composition and arrangement. His work for many years as a musical composer corresponds to the rhythms and sequences of his compositions. Aimone offers up these thoughts from a recent interview: The joy of photography is creating something beautiful, interesting, or capturing something the eye doesn't usually see. Taking pictures can either distract you from the present moment, or put you directly in the appreciation of it. The joy for me comes with the latter.
  Technical Information:
Large Format: Chamonix 045n-2 4x5 View Camera Nikkor-SW 75mm f/4.5 lens Nikkor-SW 90mm f/8 lens Nikkor-AM 120mm f4.5 macro lens Rodentstock 150mm f/5.6 lens Komura 210mm f/6.8 lens Emil Busch 180mm Petzval brass lens f/4.5 Darlot Rectilinear 150mm brass lens f/11 Medium Format: Mamiya 645 1000s medium format film camera
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