Traditional Photography Portfolio by James P. Sweeney 

Praire Creek Redwood

Mission San Antinio

Merced River Yosemite Valley

Mc Cloud Middle Falls

Light House at Crescent City

Seirra Foot Hills Barn in the rain

RCA Road Point Reyes

San Simeon Pier

  Artist's Statement:
My photography is influenced by a number of photography masters of the past and present day. Masters like Roman Loranc and Clyde Butcher. I rely on my wife Carol as my field assistant and her sense of aesthetic. We enjoy the field work which has taken us all over California and the western states. I continue to work to enhance my craftsmanship abilities from taking the picture, processing negatives to printing.
  Technical Information:
I have used a Linhof Bi-Kardan and Toyo Field 4X5 Cameras. I process my own black and white negatives. At present, Ilford FP-4 is the film of choice. Primarily, I use Pyrocat HD, employing the stand method. I print my own work, which I can print to 20X24. I use both Sepia and Selenium toners.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 1 print(s) listed.


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