Traditional Photography Portfolio by James P. Sweeney 

Praire Creek Redwood

Mission San Antinio

Merced River Yosemite Valley

Mc Cloud Middle Falls

Light House at Crescent City

  Artist's Statement:
My photography is influenced by a number of photography masters of the past and present day. Masters like Roman Loranc and Clyde Butcher. I rely on my wife Carol as my field assistant and her sense of aesthetic. We enjoy the field work which has taken us all over California and the western states. I continue to work to enhance my craftsmanship abilities from taking the picture, processing negatives to printing.
  Technical Information:
I have used a Linhof Bi-Kardan and Toyo Field 4X5 Cameras. I process my own black and white negatives. At present, Ilford FP-4 is the film of choice. Primarily, I use Pyrocat HD, employing the stand method. I print my own work, which I can print to 20X24. I use both Sepia and Selenium toners.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 1 print(s) listed.


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