Traditional Photography Portfolio by Andrew Barr 

Eastham Marsh

Bog Building

Charlemont Farm

Congo Church

Tobacco Shack

Colonial Revival

Card Chapel

Farm Property

  Artist's Statement:
I have an affinity for the built environment. In many of my images you can find some type or some part of a man made structure. It may be a monument or building. It may be very old or very new, large or small. I believe that buildings need to fit in with its environment and so I try to include the architectural as well as the landscape components in the same image. If the building was originally designed to fit into its surroundings and my composition was designed well, the result should be pleasing to the eye. It is hoped you will enjoy viewing these images.
  Technical Information:
I work primarily in 6x7 and 4x5 formats. Often straight documentation of a building is the desired result but there are times an artistic view of the scene comes to the forefront.
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