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  Artist's Statement:
The act of making photographs is a way to edit the world. For me, editing is not just discarding: it’s also cutting, juxtaposing, decanting, augmenting, fermenting, toning, digesting, gestating, and producing with my eyes, my position in space, my tools, my dreams or my luck. Yet I never use montage or collage. I try instead to find the spot where the world crumbles into an unexpected geometry, where the scraps of the visible are already loose, and where I can glue them together on a piece of film in one instant. Like the writer J.G. Ballard, I also wonder if “the angle between two walls [has] a happy ending.”
  Technical Information:
I use film and print by hand on silver-gelatin paper. I trust and like the choices that the makers of the products I use have made.
  Contact Details:
Montréal, QC
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 32 print(s) listed.


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