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From the life of Hercules - #1

From the Life of Hercules - #2

From the Life of Hercules - #3

From the Life of Hercules - #5

From the Life of Hercules - #8

From the Life of Hercules - #9

From the Life of Hercules - #11

From the Life of Hercules - #13

  Artist's Statement:
Photography is the greatest joy in my life - it is what drives me to succeed, and to continue learning and exploring. I have two primary bodies of work - travel/architecture/landscape and male nudes. The travel/architecture/landscape work comes from my love of getting out to see the world - I've always got the itch to explore places new to me, to have adventures. I want to photograph what I see, to record my way of interpreting what I find, to make sense of the experience, and to hopefully transmit the joy, mystery and magnificence of the travel experience. I also photograph male nudes. Male beauty is traditionally defined along the same lines by which great literature or other art is defined- created by, for, and about white males. By its nature, eroticism is heavily invested in the subject/object dichotomy, where even when a white male chooses to be depicted in the role of visual and sexual object, he is credited with the power of sexual subject - that is to say, it is understood that he is choosing to become the object to be viewed and consumed on a temporary basis. Historically, when non-caucasians have been photographed, not only for erotic purposes, but for academic or documentary purposes, it has been done with the effect of turning them into exotic objects, to be ogled, analyzed, and consumed as 'others' with no personal authority over their depiction. My work has as a goal the ambition to expand, if not re-write, how and who we define as erotic subjects. I aim to subvert the standards by using the very classical canons of western art, culture and religion to present familiar iconic forms using non-caucasian models playing the roles of those icons. A Vietnamese Hercules or a St. John the Baptist from Sikkim or a Mexican Dawn from the Medici Tombs not only opens the cultural icons themselves to a broader inclusiveness, but confers the power of subject on the model. By posing as Hercules or St. John the Baptist, or even Lorenzo di Medici, the model says that "I too can become any kind of hero I want, when I want, and how I want".
  Technical Information:
My most recent work consists of large format platinum/palladium prints. I work mostly in 5x7 and 8x10. I have an older body of work printed in silver gelatin, shot on 2 1/4" roll film.
  Contact Details:
The best way to contact me is via email -
theflyingcamera AT hotmail dot com.


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