Traditional Photography Portfolio by Janet Gable Cull 

at a medical clinic in a remote village of Guatemala - TMax 100 w/Nikon FG, 50mm lens

the milkman

doing laundry

village in El Limon

my friend, the doctor, examining very sick child

the children

beautiful boy at lice clinic

a day-in-the-life of a missionary... getting in

  Artist's Statement:
I've always taken too many pictures. Sometimes I enjoy the taking more than the after-processes. Maybe because I get lots of duds. Occasionally I get something that brings overwhelming emotion when I see it in the darkroom. I keep trying because of the every-now-and-then one I really like. Hopefully I'll get more consistent.
  Technical Information:
I shoot with Nikon FM2, rarely with a F100, and Hasselblad. I occasionally use a Holga. I do my own darkroom work (b&w) and use a Durst M605 enlarger.
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