Traditional Photography Portfolio by Gene Laughter 

"Pork Chops" - French Quarter Street Dancer <bromol transfer>

New Orleans Jazz Festival Guitarist <bromoil print>

Terry King's London Laboratory Window <bromoil print>

Waiting for the French Quarter Bus <bromoil transfer>

Redcar England Boardwalk <bromoil print>

Ironbridge England <bromoil print>

"Pops" - French Quarter Street Dancer <bromoil print>

Reflections <bromoil print>

  Artist's Statement:
(author of "Bromoil 101" and numerous published articles and chapters in photography books) ...................... Bromoil printing for me is a marriage of painting, printmaking and fine art photography. Hopefully the marriage is a happy one! My goal in bromoil is to portray a mood and a strong graphic image rather than to impart more information and detail than the eye can comfortably handle. Warning: The bromoil process can be highly addictive!
  Technical Information:
(CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE) Bromoil Print: a photographic image created by bleaching and tanning a black and white photograph, then soaking the bleached print (or matrix) in water before applying lithographic ink, usually by brush. The tanning and soaking processes cause the matrix to repel ink from the highlights while allowing ink to build-up proportionally in the midtones and shadows, creating a pigment-based version of the original image. Various colors of greasy inks can be used. A bromoil transfer utilizes the freshly inked bromoil print as a printing plate and the ink is transferred onto an art paper using an etching press.
  Contact Details:
Gene Laughter - Richmond, VA


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