Traditional Photography Portfolio by Stuart.A.Murchie 

Up The Naver

Up The Naver II

Up the Naver III

Small, Medium and Large

Sea Defence Thurso

Cape Wrath

Loch Eriboll

Silver Lining

  Artist's Statement:
I would like to welcome you to my Portfolio,I hope you enjoy your visit and get as much pleasure at looking at my images as I had makeing them. Now a little about me.... I am a Britt living and working in Sweden.While doing a course in photography in 2002-2003 in Stockholm I fell in love with the art of black & white and have not looked back since.One might say I am still in the pupa stage,have not yet found my feet so to speak.I do not limit myself to one format but saying that the majority of my work is taken in medium format and the main player being a Mamiya RB67 Pro S.
  Technical Information:
Cameras - Olympus Trip35 up to a S.Okubo 4x5 field. Film - Mostly Ilford delta & Pan F+ /KodakTri X & Tech pan Papper - Ilford MGIV-Bergger CM-Agfa MCC-Forte-Oriental and Kentmere Kentona for lith prints. All prints are toned in one or more of the following Selenium-Thiocarbamide sepia-Polysulphide-Gold. All pictures are not very good scans of actual prints.
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