Traditional Photography Portfolio by Imre Becsi 

  Artist's Statement:
I am 43 year old. I live on Central-Europe, on Hungary. My learned profession cinematographer. I prepare commercials, music videos and TV series. Taking a photo only the my hobby, but I deal with him every day. 3 years afther I started dealing with a pinhole photography. I use only medium format expired instant film (Polaroid or Fuji).
  Technical Information:
My camera is a home-made assembled pinhole camera be composed of few original photography equipments. Camera body : IKEA plant pot Film back : 405 (Polaroid) Film back holder : Cambo Revolving Back Assembly Grip : IKEA handle Viewfinder : Mamiya 75 mm Focus : 85 mm Pinhole : 0.35 mm (from Lenox laser) Diaphragm : 243 Pinhole turet : home made Shutter : Compal Polaroid MP4 Matte Box : Arriflex 3X4 Matte box bracket : home made Filters : Tiffen Tripod & Head : Velbon Quick release plates : Manfrotto Film : Polaroid or Fuji Instant Light meter : Minolta Spot Meter and Minolta light meter III I use to exposure my reciprocity compensation value chart POST WORK : Scanner : Epson Perfection 3200 Photo Scanner software : SilverFast SE Final work : PS
  Contact Details:
Beke 27.


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