Traditional Photography Portfolio by Nuno Souto 

Old blue eyes

an itch right there...

sunset blessing


  Artist's Statement:
General film photography. Why film? Because it works for me!
  Technical Information:
I use Nikon 35mm, Fuji 6X4.5, RB67 and an Arax 6X6. Lenses are many and varied. For moving around unhindered, a Zeiss ZM with Leica, Voigtlander and Minolta M-mount lenses are the weapon of choice. Slides: Velvia 50, Astia, Provia 400X. Colour negs: Reala, Superia 400 and Fujipro 160S. B&W: Delta400, HP5 and Tri-X. A Coolscan 9000ED with heavily modified trays and an Epson 4990 are the scanners used.
  Contact Details:
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