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  Artist's Statement:
There was always a camera around in my family, Christmas, birthdays, and those special childhood moments would all be frozen in time, only one day to re-emerge to embarrass at a later time in life. My father, and his father, all loved making photographs, so it was inevitable that one day I would follow, and rather than being the star, I would become the person behind the camera. It wasn’t until I was about seventeen years of age, while studying art at college, that photography would be re-awoken in me. I was given a camera, a twin lens reflex if I recall, a light meter, and a roll of black and white film, and was told to go out and see photographs. From that day to this I have never stopped seeing photographs. I have always owned a camera, mainly shooting colour slide film, but was never happy with my images, which after being made, would be tucked away, never to see the light of day again. It was while reading a black and white edition of a popular U.K photographic magazine that I realizes where I was going wrong, I was living in a world where I saw everything in Black and white. My sole focus from that moment was to learn the chemistry behind the making of a fine, hand-crafted monochrome photograph, spending time with a photographer in the beautiful Peak District, who would teach me the basics of developing and printing, and where my love affair with the landscape would begin. The passion I felt then has stayed with me to this day, and when I pull that freshly developed roll of film from the developing tank, and hold it up to the light for the first time, it is still a truly magical moment for me. My photographs are still captured on film and printed traditionally in a darkroom, though one could perhaps now say that my photographs are far from traditional, as images are now traditionally made using digital capture, and printed with inks, if at all, but whatever the process, my love affair with photography and the landscape continues.
  Technical Information:
Images would be made using Ilford Delta iso100 film at a personal EI of iso50. This would have been developed in a staining developer, usually Prescysol EF, though I have recently started to mix my own FX15, also known as Acusol S, which was one of the late Geoffrey Crawley's early developers. Paper choice is usually Ilford's Fibre with a Matt surface, though I have recently started to use their Warmtone Semi-matt, and Glossy Fibre papers. The Holga images are printed on Adox MCC110 glossy. Toning will be a split between Thioura-Carbo-Hydroxide and then followed with selenium.
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