Traditional Photography Portfolio by Christopher Walrath 

Marshall Pond, Milford, Delaware - 2007

Detail, Track Dryer, Milford, Delaware - 2007

Cones and Needles - Prime Hook NWR - 2009

Ice Ripples - Prime Hook NWR - 2009

  Artist's Statement:
I have always been obsessed with capturing the minutae of daily life, the things we pass by and take for granted without a second thought. By and large, this is what comes out in my favorite work. It is my intent to provide that I will always follow my own vision in my photography. You will never see someone else's opinion of what my work should look like. What you see here will be straight from my heart and soul and to the best of my ability. I promise. I hope you enjoy what I share with you, Christopher A. Walrath
  Technical Information:
All of these photographs have been exposed since 2007. All of these photographs have been processed since 2008. All of these photographs have been printed since 2009. These are complete works by and the property of Christopher A. Walrath. The photographer holds all rights to work shown in this portfolio. Films usedfor photographs in this portfolio include Fujifilm Neopan 400-135 and Kodak TMax TMY 120 roll film. Papers used to make photographs in this portfolio include Arista Ultra RC VC 8x10 Glossy and Orient Seagull RC/VC-II 8x10 glossy to date.
  Contact Details:
317 South Spinnaker Lane
Milton, DE USA
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 All work copyright © 2013 Christopher Walrath

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