Traditional Photography Portfolio by Rachel Vogeleisen-Davies 


A stroll on Hasting Promenade (East Sussex)

Kids running away

A windy day on Eastbourne Pier

A piece of quiet in the middle of the City

  Artist's Statement:
I've got the virus of photography since I was a child. The craze of the digital age gave me the opportunity to acquire some Medium format material, and since my photography has increased dramatically, is it the camera? The fact that you are limited to 12 pictures? Using those camera, has paced my rhythm, before setting the camera I feel like a painter, watching the scenery, composing the image and finally pushing the shutter.I recently decided to take the big leap into portrait photography. Going out with my camera, is just something I love, I hope to be able to do this until old age.I would be happy to hear your comments about my work.
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