Traditional Photography Portfolio by Mark Larsen 




Bunker Silo

House and Tree

Railcar Loading Station

  Artist's Statement:
In college I took some photography electives and photographed intermittently in the late 1980ís only to retire my camera to a closet for 17 years. In 2006 I dusted it off and started exploring rural central New York. But most of my exploring has been in the darkroom, trying to learn the craft of expressive print making. I use a wooden field camera and black and white film, paper and darkroom technique. The old school methods are labor and time intensive but there's satisfaction in physically handling the materials. Traditional methods are important to me and seem consistent with the historic remains and natural scenes I photograph. If interested in a print please contact me. They're generally available in size from 8x10" through 32x40".
  Technical Information:
I use a Zone VI 4x5 field camera and shoot Kodak T-Max, Tri-X, and Efke IR820 film, printed on a wide variety of graded and VC papers.
  Contact Details:
Norwich, NY, USA


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