R. B . Cycle Graphic Refurbished Full Plate Camera

Here is a freshly refurbished and unique full plate camera complete with two of the desirable Eastman film holders. When I purchased this camera, the original owner expressed a hope that it could be fixed up and given a new life. The bellows disintegrated at a touch, the leather was rotting and falling off the frame. Colin Pritchett (LFF and APUG member) took on the challenge to renovate this once-beautiful camera for me. He has his photos of the work here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3855704...7624066199228/

The rotting leather was removed and the wood underneath refinished. The hardware was all cleaned, polished and replaced. New hardware was added, a new light tight bellows from a different camera was installed to match the original color and style. New ground glass from Steve Hopf Ground Glass was added.

Maximum extension is 20", so there is plenty of room for longer lenses. There are two tripod mounting holes, one on the track section and another on the main base, so you can balance the camera while extended. There is a level on top and a brass sight on the front of the standard. There is no lens board but there is a masonite blank to help you size one out. This camera uses the 'pull up, and swing in the bottom' type of containment. The lensboard is 4 1/4 " x 4 1/8".

Included are two Eastman full plate film holders, double sided. One needs to have the trap re-taped, which I'll do if I find my tape before the camera sells. It's a fairly simple process anyway.

I started with several full plate cameras, expecting to cannibalize some to make one complete camera. Colin gave this one new life without needing to use the other cameras, so now I have more full plate cameras than I can use. This one is absolutely gorgeous and unlike any other box camera you've ever seen.

Bellows and a new ground glass can cost $250 for a camera like this, as most of us know from experience. Holders can go for $75 each and up, so in order to help get some of Colin's hard work out into the world, I'm pricing this at only $430, - including shipping inside the USA. I take USPS money orders and Paypal with all fees to the buyer.

Full plate film is still being cut annually by Ilford. I bought some last month from Midwest Photo Exchange.

The camera and holders will NOT fit in a large priority flat rate box, so shipping outside the USA would be even more exorbitant than usual and is not offered - the holders and camera would have to go in separate boxes and would cost about $100 to ship.

More photos are here, including how the camera looked at the beginning: http://www.richardrankin.com/sale/fu...ull-plate.html